5 temporary buildings that are more than beautiful enough to last

Tijdelijk Ccc 005

In 2014 the most important prize in the world of architecture, the Pritzker Prize, was awarded to the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban. He designed the Centre-Pompidou-Metz and the beautiful Curtain Wall House in Tokio, but also a number of buildings made out of paper, cardboard and other perishable materials. Th...

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5 romantic filmsets in Paris

Paris Midnightp1

Personally, we aren't the biggest fans of saving up all the romance for Valentinesday, but hey, any excuse to visit Paris is a good one. And there's no better destination for a romantic getaway than the City of Lights. If that's the plan, don't forget to bring along The 500 Hidden Secrets of Par...

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5 out-of-the-box thinking city breweries in Belgium and the Netherlands

Oersoep Cover

Every now and then we get hold of a book and that makes us sigh just a little, because we wished we had made it ourselves. Barley & Hops, The Craft Beer Book (gestalten) by Sylvia Knopp is such a book. It contains portraits of brewmasters who work according to traditional methods and, most importantly, with...

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5 surprising museums in the Ardennes


What is it about the Ardennes tht people seem to either love or hate? Okay, maybe ‘hate’ is a bit strong, but to say the region is frowned upon would be an understatement. True, the Ardennes isn’t the place where one should expect a lot of glamour or hip must-be events, but some of us here at ...

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5 graphic designers who sell beautiful art prints


Bare walls might have something appealing about them, but buy hanging up a few carefully chosen prints or posters you can easily add a lot of personality and style to your home. Need some inspiration? Here's a list of 5 very talented young designers who sell their inspiring contemporary work online. (This ...

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