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About us

Our ambition

is to share inspiring places, captivating creations and worlds where one would like to dwell forever. These are the kind of bright spots and treasures that Luster is looking for and cherishes.

The subjects we cover

are quite diverse but usually have something to do with cultural history, architecture, art, design, interior, photography, food, urban space or travel. Within these fields our love goes out to things that have something simple and pure about them but that are at the same time extraordinary and anything but bland.

We publish

around twenty books every year, devoting great attention to their tactility and their graphic design. We create these books together with writers, editors, photographers and designers who without exception are passionate about the matter, and who love books. Because we can’t turn everything that interests or inspires us into a book, we also publish short blog articles on our website. Following the success of our Hidden Secrets series (launched in 2010) we decided to shape these blog posts into lists. We aim to post three lists every week.

We also,

in addition to publishing books and writing a blog, take care of the distribution in Flanders of the publisher’s funds of Kannibaal, Ludion, Schilt Publishing and MKW. More specifically, we present the books of these publishers to the bookstores and other sales channels.

You can find our books

all over the world – our international distributors are ACC UK (for Europe, Africa and South-America), PageOne (Asia), Jan Smit boeken (the Netherlands) and Ady Books (the French speaking part of Belgium). We take care of the sales in Flanders, where you can find our books in most bookshops, museum shops and in a number of nice conceptstores.


Our webshop

is www.lusterweb.com. Here you can order all our books. Orders that are placed before 3 pm will be processed and shipped that same (week)day. The costs are:

  • for Belgium: 1,95 EUR
  • for the rest of Europe: 8 EUR
  • for the rest of the world: 15-20 EUR


How to contact us:

Hopland 33, 4.2

B-2000 Antwerp

Tel: +32 (0)3 298 37 23


BTW: BE 866 794 770