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Luster tips 5 ideal reading spots

500 Hidden Secrets Belgium

At Luster, we're not only into making beautiful books, we're also always on the lookout for new places to hang out, eat, drink and of course read books. Here our five places where we love to spend time on rainy days, reading books, wondering a bit, and sharing our reading experiences with others.


A perfect reading spot with a great barista, Jo, who not only knows how to choose and make the best cakes, teas and coffees, but who's also there if you're looking for a little chat. Be sure to look up from your book once in a while to take in your surroundings, because Jo also sells the nicest postcards, stationary items and other things.
Louis D'Haeseleerstraat 8 - Aalst


This coffee bar and coffee-roasting house is truly a relaxing place. There's a big communal table where everyone is free to go about their business: a great place to lose yourself in a book.
Minderbroedersrui 30 - Antwerp

Les Parisiennes

This bistro/winebar with its retro boudoir-like interior brings a touch of Paris to Belgium. One of the best things ever is to sit here at the high table, with a plate of creamy Vacherin Mont d'Or cheese in front of you, some bread for dipping, a great glass of wine and the perfect book.
Schrijnmakersstraat 31 - Leuven

Le Bal infernal

The owners here call their business a 'used book café' - here you can grab a drink and browse through the more than 10.000 used books. You can also swap books.
Kammerstraat 6 - Ghent


Spring, summer, fall or winter: no matter the time of year, you always imagine yourself to be in France as soon as you walk in Gitanes. It's the perfect place to enjoy a book, the paper or the company of friends, located in one of the hippest districts in Antwerp, Zurenborg.
Tramplein 3-4 - Antwerp