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5 places to go for lunch right next to the water

500 Hidden Secrets Belgium

If you didn’t know this allready, we’re telling you know: rivers are so important for the wellbeing of our planet and our species, so we should take great care of them. Here’s our small ode to the rivers of our world: a list of places to go for lunch or dinner, right next to the water


A household name with a history: this family-owned place has been in business for 70 years. The third generation that’s now in charge hasn’t changed a lot: why mess with a winning formula? They serve the classic Flemish speciality paling in ’t groen (freshwater eel in a green herb sauce) in aluminium dishes, just like the olden days. The meat - during the hunting season, Siphon is the place to be - is cooked on open fires.
Damse Vaart Oost, Damme

Photo: Siphon

Dock’s Café

This big modern brasserie opened on the Scheldt waterfront in 1991. The designer Antoine Pinto created a dramatic industrial interior with a sweeping staircase that fitted the mood of the 1990s.
7 Jordaenskaai, Antwerp

Photo: Dock's café

L’Eau Blanche

In one of ‘les plus beaux villages de Wallonie’ (Wallonia’s prettiest villages) you’ll find a bar without pretentions, but with a terrace right next to a tiny river. This is not the place to go if you’re looking for grandeur but it is so when you’re looking for good, high-quality food. The local speciality is trout escabèche.
27 Rue Joaris, Lompret

The House of Eliott

Now this has to be the strangest restaurant in Ghent. Inside it is filled with mementoes of Old Paris including a mannequin dressed in a Chanel dress, bu the cooking is absolutely great. The kitchen specialises in lobster and there’s a terrace next to the water.
36 Jan Breydelstraat, Ghent

Photo: In the picture

La Table de Maxime

An absolute must, because of the great location in green surroundings, next to the murmuring River Our and a pasture where sheep graze peacefully, and because of the refined and unbelievably delicious Michelin star cooking. Young chef Maxime Collard grows his own vegetables in the kitchen garden, as well as aromatic herbs, edible flowers, chard and pumpkins, which later find their way to the kitchen.
23 Our, 6852 Paliseul