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How to become a people spotter


We are all different, but some of us are more different than others

The People Spotter's Guide is a handy field guide and a catalogue of the most fascinating species that walks our earth: you of course! Exploring your very own biotope has never been easier. What's more, you earn points for every behaviour you spot. The rarer the behaviour, the higher your score. Here we present a few examples:





But before you set out on your first people spotting expedition, you must remember a few basic crucial rules:

1. People spotting is an activity that should be exercised with dignity and respect. Always remember that a good 'people spotter' spots but is never spotted.

2. Be aware of certain signs that are indicative of the spottee's unease. A raised middle finger has frequently been observed as a response. Other behaviours, such as smashing your binoculars and/or smartphone or putting out a burning cigarette in your iris, should not be disregarded.

3. People spotting is first and foremost a visual activity. Always remember to observe a safe distance.

4. Above all, invest in robust and high-quality equipment.


Happy spotting!