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Sit down with Julianne Moore and Vincent Van Duysen and learn all about one of the Bright Sides of Belgium

Belgium Design

It’s always nice to get some confirmation from people you respect about things you believe in. That’s why we loved reading this interview in which the much-admired Julianne Moore turns out to be an admirer herself, of Belgian interior design! Like many Americans who are into design, the actress knows about the great things our small country has to offer style wise. She especially loves the work of Vincent Van Duysen, so when got the chance to ask him some personal questions about interior design and life in general, she took it. Like Julianne Moore we too are fans of Van Duysen’s work, for example the kitchen he designed for Melanie Ireland, who is one the people who invited us into her home for the book Living in Antwerp.

photo by Diane Hendrikx

And off course Van Duysen’s pottery line for When Objects Work had to be included when we were making the book Belgium’s Best Design. When we asked designers, design journalists, curators and so on about their 10 favourite Belgian design objects, these sobre earthenware pots were named a lot, and that’s no surprise: they are beautiful, with their smooth, clear lines and earthly colours.


photo © When Objects Work

In the interview, Van Duysen tells Julianne Moore that we have one man to thank for the solid reputation of Belgian interior designers in the US, and that’s the great Axel Vervoordt. Author Sigrid Vandensavel had the chance to interview him for the book The Bright Side of Belgium and was inspired by his presence, his words and by the Kanaal-site in Wijnegem, a former distillery and malting complex that was transformed by Axel Vervoordt and where his Company is located. You can browse the book The Bright Side of Belgium to discover a preview of this interview. (Portrait of Axel Vervoordt by Diane Hendrikx)