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Meet Élise Van Thuyne



This week, a unique new book came off the press, called The Invisble Mark – check it out here. The book offers a peek inside the world of the equally unique interior designer Élise Van Thuyne. We’d love to introduce you to Élise, so we asked her to answer some questions:


Who or what inspires you?

For me, nature is a constant source of inspiration: the composition of certain structures and shades, tonalities and colours, gradations of light and dark or soft and strong, the perfect balance of elements, the ideal proportions – on some sort subconscious level I catch on to those things. I can also feel inspired by dance and other performances, as well as by exhibitions, especially of recent works, of contemporary art, because sometimes I sense some resonance there. And if I turn to architecture, Eileen Gray is my woman, and Oscar Niemeyer my hero.


Is there a small intervention that always works to improve a living a space?

It’s always a good idea to create and highlight perspectives, and to make space by taking away everything superfluous or redundant. You should only keep the good and valuable elements, and give them more room.


Why is the tactile aspect of an interior so important to you?

Beauty isn’t only in the eye of the beholder, it’s also in his hand. Being able to touch things, deepens your experience of a space.


Is there a type of house you could never live in?

In a ready made house. Everything about it, from the lay-out to the poor quality of the materials, is just so sad… there’s nothing there for me to play with, there’s no room to be creative, it makes me feel depressed. I also couldn’t live in a house that’s been fully equipped and decorated by an interior architect, without any possibilities left to experiment, where there’s no space left to make your own.


What type of house would you like to rebuild one day?

A chapel, or a monastery, … a place to construct a continuous silence. Or a dilapidated palazzo on a hill in Italy, owned by a collector. Such a project would be endlessly inspiring.


What’s the most precious thing you own?

The freedom to express myself. And if it’s an object you’re looking for, my books are the first things to come to mind.


What’s your favourite colour?

Green, white and pink.


Which are your favourite design shops in Belgium?

Online: Muji, Atelier Solar shop, I/Object 

Offline: flea markets like ‘des petits riens’


Élise’s book The Invisible Mark is now available in specialized book shops and in our webshop.