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Muller Van Severen Book


October is a rather festive month here at Luster: we’re planning three book presentations in the next two weeks. And we’ve already hosted one last week: on Friday we had a drink (or a couple of them) with a nice crowd to celebrate the launch of the Muller Van Severen Book. We worked hard on it and we’re proud of the result: it turned out to be a stylish, pure, beautiful and at the same time very understated book; in itself an object to be cherished. Because of, among other things, its simplicity and its silent perfection, the book is in keeping with the furniture collection of the young and celebrated Belgian designers Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen. In the book they present their work in different ways – it includes, among other things, photos of their workshop, sketches, a lot of photos of finished pieces and also texts by a.o. Chris Meplon and Max Frazer.

(Muller Van Severen New Work bij Valerie Traan; foto: Joke Gossé)

Of course there’s no better place to present Muller Van Severen’s Book to the public than among the pieces they designed, more precisely at the Valerie Traan Gallery in Antwerp where the new work of Muller Van Severen is currently on show. The gallery is owned by Veerle Wenes, who is also the woman who wrote the first chapter of the Muller Van Severen story a few years ago, when she invited Fien to work out a project that walks the fine line between art and design, together with a fellow artist of her choice. Fien chose to work with her partner Hannes Van Severen, together they designed a number of remarkably beautiful, poetic and at the same time minimalist pieces of furniture, and the rest is history.

Those who had the chance to pass by last Friday could hear Veerle talk about how the unique collection of Muller Van Severen came into being, and about how promising the future looks for these young designers. Of course everyone got a chance to leaf through the book and to, if they wanted, have it signed by Hannes and Fien – one really enthusiastic fan even asked them for a signature in blood. There was wine, cheese and bread, but no doubt the biggest treat for most people was to meet Fien and Hannes (or to get to know them even better) and to see their work up close. Besides the shelves, tables, chairs and light sculptures, people could also admire the unique art pictures by the Dutch photographers Scheltens & Abbenes (they were also included in the book) – these photos are on display at the gallery, as a part of the expo ‘Muller Van Severen New Work’ until 25 October 2014.

In the meantime Valerie Traan and Luster are busy preparing for the International Biennale Interieur Kortrijk, where we will share a stand dedicated entirely to the work of Muller Van Severen. So those of you who missed the chance to see their new work last Friday can make up for it at Interieur, from 17 to 26 October. The book will be available there, but of course you can also buy it at your local book store or online.

(Muller Van Severen New Work bij Valerie Traan; foto: Joke Gossé)