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NYC Guide for Instagrammers: just as much fun for non-instagrammers

Culture Photography


On 14 March of this year, we received a message from Silvie Bonne:

“I’m a Belgian photographer who lives and works in New York and I’ve developed a concept for a new type of guide to New York City: the NYC Guide for Instagrammers. I’ve attached a draft so you can see what I mean.”

The draft and the photos looked really good and being the die-hard New York fans that we are, we loved it of course. The book is currently being printed and will be published around mid-September. But one thing we didn’t pick up on was that the guide is just as interesting for anyone who’s just not into that whole Instagram thing. Besides plenty of pretty shots and tips about how to take them, the book also directs you to plenty of interesting places. You may know some of them already (the Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge, the Central Park Reservoir… to name just a few) but some of the other ones were so off the beaten track that even our American distributor, who is based in New York, had never heard of them. What about the first Häagen Dazs shop, the Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens or the Bushwick Street Art Collective in Brooklyn?

Silvie also lists a couple of nice places to eat and drink nearby for every photogenic spot in the book (100 in total) as well as some fun and interesting facts. Do you know why there are so many pigeons in Bushwick? Or which color the architect Frank Lloyd Wright originally had in mind for the Guggenheim Museum’s façade? And how many dollars it takes to rent a billboard in Times Square for one year? Read all about it in the ‘NYC Guide for Instagrammers’. In your favorite bookshop from mid-September.