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Fabulous Food Concepts

This book contains an effervescent mix of sparkling and sustainable business concepts in the domain of food and drink. Despite the diverse range of companies featured, there is one thing which binds them: for all these brands, realizing one’s ambitions goes hand in hand with a deep respect for the world in which we live. A respect which expresses itself in magnificently designed packaging, store architecture that changes depending on the location, or products that are healthy both for people and their environment.

From restaurants and take-aways to diverse products and services, available either at the supermarket or only online. Every concept presented in the book is accompanied by extensive visual material along with an interview with the brains behind it. Each chapter presents a variety of concepts on themes ranging from fast food, food to go, urban farming, retail concepts…. This beautifully presented book provides a wealth of inspiration for marketeers, designers, entrepreneurs and lovers of food in general.

Author                         Sigrid Vandensavel/Karoline Neujens
Graphic design          Touch De Clercq
Finish                           Hardcover
# pages                       168
Format                        23 x 28 cm
Language                   English
ISBN                            9789460580789

Ships To Belgium (€1.95), Europe (€4.95), and Other (€10.00)

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