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Scandinavian designers at work

Scandinavian Designers at Work is a book about design, but even more so it’s a book about people: young designers from the North with a passion for their work and clear vision on life. Passion is not only the subject of this book, but also the force that brought it into being; that, and courage. The makers are Jessy Van Durme and Piet Albert Goethals, who made a unique journey through Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. It was a journey with a mission: Jessy and Piet Albert didn’t just want to see Scandinavia, they wanted to experience it, focusing on their passion for the far North, photography, beautiful things in general and interior design in particular.

They therefore mapped out their journey via the homes of various young Scandinavian designers who they wanted to get to know:

Lars Rank (Copenhagen) - Simon Key Bertman (Stockholm) - Jonas Wagell (Stockholm) - Nathalie Ladhenmäki (Helsinki) - Kristine Five Melvaer (Oslo)- Sami Kallio (Gothenburg) - Kristine Bjaadal (Oslo) - Morten & Jonas (Bergen) - Knudsen Berg Hindenes (Bergen) - Katriina Nuutinen (Joensuu) - Louise Hederström (Malmö) - Maija Puoskari (Helsinki) - Form Us With Love (Stockholm) - Susanna Vento (Helsinki) - Sophia Lithell (Malmö) - Siren Elise Wilhemsen (Bergen) - Mika Tolvanen (Helsinki)

Piet Albert and Jessy visited the workshops, houses and apartments of these designers and made personal portraits of the people behind the product. This book is an account of inspiring encounters; it’s about personalities, sources of inspiration and vision for design and heritage

Release date   2014
Finish              hardcover
Format            20 x 25 cm
#Pages           192
ISBN               9789460581328
Language       English

Ships To Belgium (€1.95), Europe (€4.95), and Other (€10.00)

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