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Reading the streets

A personal take on street typography in various European cities, including in former Soviet countries and in southern Europe, with photos of letters that epitomise a city's atmosphere.

In the past, Stan Van Steendam's obsession for street photography already prompted him to create the magnificent, acclaimed book, Brussels Type.

Now comes the sequel, Reading the Streets, in which Van Steemdam travels abroad with the same mission. He likes to intuitively explore cities, using the typography on the city's streets as his guide - signs with letters that tell a story about the chequered history of these cities.

He photographs the typographic fragments he discovers, isolating them from their context. The outcome is a series of personal photos, taken with old, analog cameras that succeed in representing the transitory nature of the city in a heartfelt and provocative manner.

Stan Van Steendam (1985) studied graphic design at Sint-Lucas in Ghent. He is passionate about typography and works for various publishers in Belgium and abroad, as well as being a photographer and a visual artist.

Release date      October 2015

Finish                 Hardcover

Format               17 x 19 cm

#Pages               208

ISBN                   9789460581496

Language           English


Ships To Belgium (€1.95), Europe (€4.95), and Other (€10.00)


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