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No Two Persons Ever Read the Same Book

For book lovers with a penchant for design: 100 quotes about reading, writing and books in a unique, typographical presentation by Dooreman.

Bibliophile Bart Van Aken has been collecting quotes about reading for several years. This book contains his own personal selection.

Every quote is presented in a unique, original and tailor-made design by Dooreman, with an adapted font or special letter shapes. 

Each quote is in English. Where applicable, the quote has also been provided in the original language, along with a brief explanation (author, context).

Including such declarations of love as "Reading is that fruitful miracle of communication in the midst of solitude" (Marcel Proust), Surprising, witty statements like "Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read" (Groucho Marx) and wise statements to mull over, including "We can destroy what we have written, but we cannot unwrite it" (Anthony Burgess).

An original must-have for book lovers, designers, readers, writers and aesthetes.

Dooreman studied free-form graphics at Sint-Lucasinstituut in Ghent. He started out his career as an illustrator. Over time, however, his activities veered towards typography and design. He creates the covers of all of the books of the Belgian author Tom Lanoye and has designed posters for various theatres. He also works as a designer and typographer for almost all of the Flemish and Dutch publishers. Dooreman has received several awards, including the Henry Van de Velde Award for his entire career. He is also a musician.

Graphic Design             Dooreman

Composition                  Bart Van Aken

Release Date                 October 2015

Finish                             Hardcover

Format                           13,5 x 18 cm

#Pages                           208

ISBN                               9789460581519

Language                       English


Ships To Belgium (€1.95), Europe (€4.95), and Other (€20.00)

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