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Index 2006-2016 - Frederik Vercruysse

As a photographer, Frederik Vercruysse specialised in shooting architecture and interiors, but his portfolio also includes intriguing still lifes, pure and abstract compositions and carefully stylised landscapes. His love for straight lines always shows, as well as the fascination for the play of shadow and light. Stillness is a key factor. Vercruysse works in a very controlled way, weighing and balancing until his image finds its equilibrium. It's almost an obsession, the way he composes and arranges his subject, how he moves things until they are completely straight.

This book contains 3 sections: compositions, control, out of control. The photos in of these sections are accompagnied by a text by Jina Khayyer, in which she reflects on Vercruysse's work.


Language English

Finish Softcover

Format 20,5 x 27,5 cm

# pages 224 + 16

Graphic Design Sven Beirnaert

Text Jina Khayyer

Ships To Belgium (€1.95), Europe (€4.95), and Other (€10.00)

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