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The 500 Hidden Secrets of Venice

500 off-the-beaten-track places and interesting details for anyone who’s keen to explore Venice’s best-kept secrets, e.g.

  • 5 restaurants tourists will never find
  • 5 places to admire Carlo Scarpa's work
  • 5 fun open-air markets
  • 5 convents where you can spend the night
  • 5 things to do when it rains
  • and much more.

The 500 Hidden Secrets is a series of essential city guides. Every guide

  • is written by a savvy local
  • only contains independent advice
  • is based on thorough research and the author’s personal opinions
  • is frequently updated and reissued.


While Anna Sardi originally hails from the Veneto, she is a Venetian by passion. An architect by profession, Anna is also a travel writer who loves to explore the world. The photographer Corrado Piccoli has been capturing Venice's beauty from behind his camera lens for several years allready, but has known te city all his life.


First published in        March 2019
Language                     English
Finish                           Softcover
Format                          12 x 18 cm
#pages                          262
ISBN                              9789460582417


Ships To Belgium (€1.95), Europe (€4.95), and Other (€10.00)