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Unplugged - English edition


"One of the most important things in life for me is bringing people together by cooking. This book is a testimony of that - and I hope it will inspire you to get cooking yourself." Gert De Mangeleer

Even when Gert De Mangeleer is not working in his Michelin three-star restaurant Hertog Jan, he still believes that cooking should be all about passion and fun. In this book, he shares some of his favourite recipes which he prepares at home, for his family and friends. Don't expect to find complicated preparations in this book. These are simple dishes, surprising combinations of good products that are packed with great flavour. Gert also takes you on a journey to the kitchens that inspire him. As a result, his first cookbook is a very personal book, full of dishes that are perfect for combining and sharing.

Language English

Finish Hardcover in linen, with sleeve

Format 19 x 25 cm

# pages 224

ISBN 9789460582165


Ships To Belgium (€0.00), Europe (€0.00), and Other (€20.00)